The Highlander
Company Records

The Highlander Company Records came into existence in 2015 and was the brain child of Bob Madsen and world-renowned engineer/producer Tom Size.  The two longtime friends started the company originally to act as an incubator label for up-and-coming artists. However, with the untimely demise of Tom Size in October of 2016, Bob was forced to reevaluate the direction of the company and for some time the label has functioned as a conduit to bring the various musical projects that were given birth in the dark, cramped, and not quite sanitary recesses of Bob’s mind.

Currently Highlander Company Records is on a mission to give a platform to bands who put a premium on musicianship and are committed to excellence in their craft…but who are not pretentious douche bags. We will also strive to promote and encourage all music and musicians who make the world a better place. Who knows what the future may hold, but as for now, it’s enough for us to do our best to live up to the high standards set forth by our former founder Tom Size.  We hope you like what we deliver and we will always strive to do Tom’s legacy proud.